About Sanitary Aid Zimbabwe

Invest in the future of thousands of girls by joining hands with us in tackling period poverty in Zimbabwe.

We envision a Zimbabwe where all girls and women can access adequate menstrual products, in an environment that is period-conducive and be treated with dignity in order for them to manage their periods in a manner that fosters human and sustainable development.

Sanitary Aid Zimbabwe vision


A nation without period poverty and which provides equal opportunities for girls and women to succeed in all aspects.

Sanitary Aid Zimbabwe mission


To foster menstrual equity and champion the eradication of period poverty in Zimbabwe in order to improve the socioeconomic condition of women and girls.

The organization seeks to achieve this through:
  • Provision of relief and cushion to girls and women suffering from period poverty by giving free menstrual products such as sanitary wear, soap, sanitisers, underwear, tissues, among others.
  • Provision of menstrual health and hygiene education in order to improve the health, wellbeing and dignity of women and girls.
  • Contributing to policies and laws that impact on sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health management. Analysing and critiquing different policies and making recommendations on how to make them gender responsive on issues relating to menstrual management.
  • Promoting girls to stay in school and women not to miss out on different opportunities by removing all barriers caused by menstruation.
  • Conducting researches and surveys to understand the causes and effects of period poverty in Zimbabwe and the efficacy of measures being implemented to address them.
  • Promoting the use of sustainable menstrual products and the development of effective and innovative skills to produce them with local resources.
  • Publishing in depth content to raise awareness about the situation of period poverty in the country and to inform different stakeholders about what needs to be done to address the issues around menstruation.

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Menstruation and Sustainable Development

We believe that optimally fostering menstrual equity will address a number of fundamental human rights enshrined in Zimbabwe’s constitution, such: right to equality and non-discrimination (Section 56), right to human dignity (Section 51), right to health (Section 76), right to education (Section 75), right to water (Section 77a) among others. Further, Sustainable Development Goals cannot be effectively met if period poverty is prevalent in the country.

Some of the Goals whose attainment is hinged to good menstrual management are as follows:

  1. Goal 5 – Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.
  2. Goal 4 – Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for all.
  3. Goal 5 – Achieve gender equality and empower girls and women.
  4. Goal 6 – Ensure availability and sustainability of water and sanitation by all.
  5. Goal 8 – Promote sustained inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full productive employment and decent work for all.

Theresa Farai Nyava

Meet our founder

Our Founder cares so much about eradicating Period Poverty in Zimbabwe

Having grown up in the rural areas in a family of five girls, Theresa Farai Nyava, who is the founder of Sanitary Aid Zimbabwe Trust, saw how many young girls in her community suffered from period poverty during the greater part of their adolescent days.

She vowed that the same should not continue to happen to another girl or woman in this day and age. Because of the above, has been actively working towards supporting underprivileged girls and women in Zimbabwe to live healthy and dignified lives by providing them with free sanitary wear, pain relievers, underwear and menstrual health education, especially noting how period poverty has been worsening due to difficult economic conditions in the country.

Some of the disadvantaged groups that she has worked with include homeless girls living in the streets, disabled girls, rural girls, female prisoners, female refugees, girls living in children’s homes, and other traffic lanes and streams of life.

Our Team

  • Executive Director - Theresa F. Nyava
  • Programmes Officer - Carol Teguru
  • Policy and Advocacy Officer - Clemence Machadu
  • Peer Educator - Tatenda Kamwendo
  • Peer Educator - Valentine Nyatanga
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - Laurencia Mavhiya
  • Administrative Manager - Rodna Madzima
  • Communications and Dissemination Officer - Leonah Zivanai
  • Communications Assistant - Tsitsi Amanda Muronzi
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Elizabeth Tavengwa
  • Counsellor - Chiyedza Musiwa
  • Counsellor - Sarah Tashinga Muyambo
  • Programme Assistants - Tinaishe Kashau
  • Programme Assistants - Farai Pio
  • Programme Assistants - Sandra Paulosi